Portable Fencing & Display Solutions
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Insta-Fence manufactures the best portable fence and display solutions on the market today.  Our fences are built to meet your industries' unique needs, demanding environments, and with long term use in mind.  There are 5 main reasons why Insta-Fence is the right solution for your project or location.

Insta-Fence is much stronger than other fences. It’s made from 16 gauge tubing and 6 gauge mesh (higher than industry standards), and then every section is hot dipped galvanized to insure years of use.

Insta-Fence offers flexibility. Whether you’re enclosing a small area or a field, Insta-Fence has panels to meet your configuration.  Our five panel sizes range from 4 feet to 10 feet to help you create the perfect space. With numerous base options - all concave in the center to maintain ground clearance - you will no longer have to worry about your site.

Insta-Fence offers security. Our fences are designed to be anti-climbing with top of fence deterrents to prospective thieves.  This will help secure your site and reduce worry.

Insta-Fence offers fast delivery. Our fences are all manufactured in North America, and our distribution network helps us deliver fast across the continent.

Insta-Fence is great value. Strength, quality, flexibility, security, fast delivery - and very competitive pricing.

When you choose Insta-Fence, you’ll know you’re getting a great North American made product that will always give you peace of mind!



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